A Course In Miracles International
Invites you to...


A global festival celebrating the freedom and peace that the
healing power of love and forgiveness is bringing to all the world.

The holiest of all the spots on earth is where
an ancient hatred has become a present love…

Dear Friend,

This is a special invitation to you and members of your family and or organization to join in the worldwide 7-day celebration of International Week of Forgiveness and Perfect Peace to be held from September 19 through September 25, 2016. This event auspiciously includes the United Nations International Day of Peace on Wednesday, September 21st forming the cornerstone of this shared commemoration.

Through this observance, we are inviting all of our friends from the dark days of the 20th and 21st Centuries, to share together through single acts of reconciliation, their own joyous recognition of the Eternally Creating Reality of this Universe – a Reality of which we are all individually and in consort, through the power of forgiving love, an indivisible part.

Friends and families of the victims of terrorist attacks, war and genocide are invited to gather with Veterans and Servicemen and friends from many nations and many wars, to share at last some incomparable healing moments.

Individuals are encouraged to form their own small groups, organize their own events, or celebrate privately in their own way.

Everyone is invited to let this week be a time of letting bygones be bygones, and enjoying the peace of mind unburdened by grievances and guilt.

The healing power of our forgiveness will bring to all of us a new light of forbearance and understanding that will radiate among all the nations of this world in a single burst of Healing Grace.

Along with all the information about the advent of this Great Awakening, we have attached a link to one of many compelling stories of the healing power of forgiveness. We believe it is a potent demonstration of how a single act of forgiveness can bring about joyously dramatic transformative changes in our shared self-identities of pain and deprivation that previously defined us and this world.

We are happily aware and supportive of your determination, along with many of us, to express the necessity for declarations of forgiveness of each other in the lives and fortunes that we share, as a prime ingredient in our continuing search for lasting peace and friendship among the peoples of this planet.

Join the celebration, just as you are and wherever you are, for any reason at all. New avenues of communication among our species are being opened through the direct application of the healing power of our human minds to forgiveness. Heal and be healed. Let this be “a new beginning” for you.


Teachers of God from around the world extending an invitation to you to participate
in International Week of Forgiveness and Perfect Peace


12 hours of continuous reading of A Course In Miracles
in different languages sharing ideas of forgiveness and peace.
Come and join us in this jouney back to God.

The holiest of all the spots on earth is where an ancient hatred has become a present love.
Listen to the recordings from the 2012 online advent.